High School Valedictorian Mic Is Cut Off During Speech After Mentioning Police Brutality Victims Trayvon Martin & Tamir Rice!

Correct us if we’re wrong but isn’t the first amendment   “Freedom of speech   “ and not  “you can say whatever you want as long as it doesn’t identify the corrupt and unjust society we live in ?  “ A high school valedictorian was literally silenced during her speech after dropping names of police brutality victims who have lost their lives and we couldn’t be more disgusted.

According to #USAToday ; Dallas,  #Texas teen and valedictorian #RoohaHaghar was in the mist of delivering her graduation speech at Emmett J. Conrad High School when the principal signaled to cut her mic. Haghar tells local news that she has initially forwarded her speech to her teacher and school Principal Temesghen Asmerom when she was advised to skip the black lives matter segment.

 "When I first read my speech to my teacher, I was told mentioning those names will incite anger towards white people, a group which according to him experience high levels of discrimination of America," states Haghar on her social media account via twitter. She goes to state that including police brutality details goes against “valedictorian speech guidelines.”

However on graduation day Haghar decided to name those young men’s names anyway. Within a now viral video you can see Principal Asmerom hand signal to cut the audio from Haghar’s microphone. The school identified the situation as an “audio issue.” 

 "I knew none of the consequences I could possibly face came even slightly close to what the families of the victims have to live with on a daily basis,” state’s Haghar within her original speech. 

Tamara Jackson