​Today Marks 3 years since we lost Kalief Browder; But the fight for Social and legal change continues on

“ Time “ produced by Brooklyn Rapper and mogul, Jay-Z ;  documents the life story of; Kalief Browder. A sixteen-year old male from Bronx, NY, who was wrongfully accused of thievery, and held within solidarity confinement for over three years with no conviction. Suffering emotional, physical and mental abuse within one of the most notorious jailing facilities in the world. Which later lead to his own suicidal death after prior to his release.




Older brother to Kalief,  Akeem Browder is a social advocate for change within New York City.


He is urging lawmakers to terminate cash bailing systems and reduce jail population by inflicting change upon the effectiveness of speedy trials. Two major factors that played a role in the unfortunate circumstances young Kalief had to endure.


Governor Andrew Cumo failed to deliver the pretenses of the criminal justice reforms for this year’s bill. Which he had promised to push through, within his state of address back in January. The reform just so happen to not make it into the final budget back in March. Resulting in Andrew declining an invitation to appear in his third term campaign video, states Blavity news outlet.

“I let him know I reserve the right to hold my nomination until I see what’s going to happen for our community; what the governor is going to do for Kalief. “He started off this year with his announcement, and it gave me a lot of encouragement to think this year we could get it done. We can still get it done. It’s just not with the governor’s help. “ Stated Browder.

The fight continues for Kalief and all the victims effected by legal system injustices. Andrew is adamant about inflicting a positive change into the world and honoring his brother’s life whole heartedly.

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Rest In Peace Kalief, We will always remember you and we will make sure they will to..