​“I hate you, n—-r “ ; Racist white male verbally attacks neighbor and then sets car on fire

South Daytona, Florida Area a racist white male deems his black neighbor as being too “ flashy “ and threatens to teach him the ultimate lesson.

Ronald Sweet owner of a 2002 Mercury sedan was quietly in front of his apartment complex, washing and detailing his vehicle when he was suddenly bombarded by his next door neighbor.

Joseph Minor, 56 Year Old white Male brutally attacked his black neighbor Ronald with numerous racial slurs, repeatedly screaming “ “I hate you, n—-r “. Followed by the threat of “ I’ll take care of you “.


12:35 AM, moments after the verbal altercation had ceased; Ronald and his fiancée Candice Jones had entered their apartment for the night. No More than ten minutes later the couple heard a loud “BOOM”. Immediately rushing to a nearby window to see where the noise had came from, they saw their car covered in smoke and flames. Followed by no other than their neighbor Ronald walking a few steps away, looking completely unbothered.



The couple informed arriving police officials that this is not their first encounter with their racially disturbed neighbor. Stating he has made repeated threats, followed by racial slurs on various occasions but this time he took things completely out of bracket.

“ "It's absolutely a hate crime. It's absolutely because apparently, he don't like colored people," Sweet said. "He told me my days were numbered. I won't be flashing anymore."

Despite numerous eye witness statements; Ronald concludes that he had absolutely nothing to do with his fellow neighbor’s car being set on fire.

Minor has been charged with arson, causing damage to a structure and criminal mischief. Followed by $1000 in property damage.

South Daytona Police official, Mark Cheatham refers to the incident as a “ mental lapse in judgement” . Stating that “There is no pattern of behavior that would show this is a hate crime. From a concluded statement with local newspaper outlets.

Makes you wonder, if the color spectrums were swapped would this incident  be categorized as a “ hate crime” then?