Modern day Spiderman saves the day!

His Name Is #MamadouGassaama, An African Immigrant From The Country Mali Who Is Currently a resident of living in Paris, France. While passing through this particular neighborhood he was noticed A young baby that just so happened to be literally hanging for its dear life from A four story balcony.


Numerous bystanders watched in complete shock, while Mamadou immediately stepped in & took action. While risking his own life; he succeeded in saving the young child in less than thirty seconds. Mamadou’s act of bravery is straight of a movie, if you didn’t see it with your own two eyes, you’d probably wouldn’t believe it.

It has been stated that the child had slipped out of his dad’s eye view, while the father was preoccupied with a game system of some sort. In that short second the baby managed to slip outside and resulting in what could’ve been a deadly scene. Thankfully god have other plans!
In France their calling him “Le Spider-Man “. Since then he’s been offered citizenship and a job offering as a fireman! Amazing job Mamadou you deserve it all king

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