Barack Obama Snags name of school, formally named after Confederate General and slave Owner

Our FOREVER President Barack Obama is out here making boss moves y’all!


JEB Stuart elementary located in the southern city of Richmond, Virginia; which was formally named after Confederate leader and slave Owner James Ewell Brown, will now be named after #Americas first black president #BarackObama


On Monday night board officials banned together to vote . The school consists of a 95% African American student body, the board wanted to name the school within honor to a civil rights leader of some sort. The list consisted of hero’s and heroines such as #JackieRobinson , #BarbaraJohns , #HenryMarsh , and #OliverHills states #PeopleMagazine .

With an 8-1 vote; Our forever President won by a landslide, indefinitely.

The new name has sparked a bit of controversy within the community as well as board members. Implications and suggestion have been forwarded; upon the basis of picking a name that is possibly more “ local “

The estimated cost for the name swap ranges between $25000-$26000 ; so far roughly 75% of the cost has already been donated.

This is epic! #Virginia is one of the few remaining states to still have a confederate flag swinging in all its falsified glory. It’s exciting to know what was once honored with hate will now be recognized with humility!


Congratulations Obamaaaa!!