The modern day lynching of 2 young African American Men at the hands of white suspects is being deemed as a “Non hate Crime “

Oklahoma residents and victims; Alize Ramon Smith (21) and Jarron Keonte Moreland (21 ) were last seen alive April 14th, 2018. The boys arranged to meet and sell a firearm, after interest sparked upon the viewings of their craigslist post.



Smith & Moreland met their buyers within a grocery store parking lot. The buyers all being of white descent told police officials that upon the ordeal; within the back seat of a van,  the young men had motioned as if they were going to shoot them. Which was implicated by the clicking of a gun. Witnesses have stated that the white men opened fire both initially and immediately . The white suspects consist of two brother's Kevin Garcia Boettler ( 22), and Garcia’s younger brother (16) alongside their Mother's Boyfriend; Johnny Shane Barker (43) . After killing Smith & Moreland the three suspects then, dismembered their bodies, tied cement blocks to their ankles and threw them into a pond.


The boys had been reported missing four days before their bodies were found. Police officials state the young men were both stripped of their clothing and the cinder blocks were used to have their bodies sink to the bottom of the pond.

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The group faces charges of : first and second degree murder, desecration of human corpses and illegal possession of a fire arm. Bond of all suspects have been set between $3 and $5 million. They are scheduled to appear in court later this month.

Official court documents have surfaced, indicating that when police officials searched the suspects homes they found: cleaning products, dried blood on the vehicle, a chain saw and jigsaw blades.

The boy’s bodies were taken to, Garcia-Bottler’s Mother (40) Crystal Rachelle home. She was also arrested and is being charged as an accessory.

Cleveland County prosecutor Greg Mashburn states that the two victims were attempting to rob the subjects which lead to the opening of the fire arm. That they have researched the surrounding details and have arrived at the fact, that this is not a hate crime.


These young men were subjected to a heavily demoralizing death. The entire ordeal was both treacherous and inhumane. These four animals seized these young men bodies and conducted a series of foul play on to them for what? On what basis should a human be treated this way, with mind altering hopes that they'd never be found?  Their motives and actions were heavily conduced by the intent of hatred. They are a foul disgrace to this World and should be prosecuted as such.

Tamara JacksonComment