Father of two; gunned down by police officials in Grandparents backyard

Stephon Clarke 24-year-old Sacramento, California Resident and father of two; gunned down by police officials on the night of March 18th, 2018 within his grandparent’s backyard.



Police officials were forced to release surveillance of their body camera footage. The entire ordeal unfolded after the arriving officers received notice of a burglary taking place within the neighborhood. From glasses being broken upon numerous cars nearby.


As expected; there’s more than a few red flags about the entire situation. A wide variant of actions took place that should in fact, be deemed as a breach within law towards a civilian.


1.   The surveillance footage doesn’t coincide with the statements forwarded, pertaining to what happened exactly. For example, police officials stated Stephon charged at them with a “gun “which caused them to release fire. But! Evidence show that Stephon obtained 8 bullets to his back.

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2.  Police officials proceeded to shoot the victim before even addressing who they were and didn’t do so until after the victim was already dead.

3.   Body camera audio was immediately turned off after officials arrived at the fact that the victim was not only dead but never had a fire arm to begin with. Why was the audio turned off? What were they hiding? What didn’t they want us to hear?

4.  Police official released a total of 20 bullets into a victim who once again did not have any weapon.

They correlate a life taken at the hands of the law with the misconception of the victim concealing a weapon, always. The same way they did with Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and many more. All later found innocent, but killed due to justification of falsified evidence deeming the black male as the perpetrator. But hey a few dollars will make all of this go away right? Wrong!

When a police official arrives on a scene, is the initial plan to deescalate a situation? Is the first black male you see within miles or square feet of the area automatically deemed a criminal? When an officer shoots, is it with the intention to kill? Are we not deserving of being informed what we’re being pulled over for, why are we being questioned, persecuted or harassed? Do we not deserve to live? When they chant “All Lives Matter” does mean Black Lives too?



Tamara JacksonComment