Teen seconds away from losing his life after asking neighborhood watch for directions to School

What started out as a horrible turn of events, immediately escalated into an unexpectedly deadly one.

High-school freshmen student Brennan Walker was seconds away from losing his young adolescent life all due to simply asking for directions.


It all began, Thursday Morning of April. 12th, 2018; Walker woke up late for school. which lead to him ultimately missing his school bus. His mother had confiscated his cell phone so he was left without one that morning. Walker then decided to travel to school by foot.

Moments later he found himself lost and decided to ask the first home within eyes view for directions. Walker stated he selected this particular home because, the neighborhood watch sticker plastered on the side of the home implicated safety.

Walker states he knocked on the door and immediately after locking eyes with him a woman began screaming and crying frantically. Walker states she yelled "why are you trying to break into my house.", as he attempted to explain that he was lost and needed directions. Shortly afterwards, her husband appeared, armed with a large shot gun, which he pointed directly at Walker.

Fearing for his life, Walker ran as far as he could for as long as he could. Immediately collapsing and crying due to the intensity and fear of the immediate turn of events.

Jeffery Zeigler; retired fireman was charged with assault with attempt to murder and a felony fire arm charge. During his arrangement Zeigler States : " There's a lot more to the story than whats being told. I was in bed when my wife screa- " 


Surveillance footage from the front of the home show's direct details of the entire ordeal.

The frantic yet dramatic wife's scream of 'Why did these people choose my house, Who are these people ? “ are clear indications of exactly what this was. Walker's black skin identified him as a thief and criminal, at least in their eyes. And because of that, they immediately decided he must die. Even if their assumptions were the furthest thing from accurate. 

" Im kind of glad i didn't end up a statistic. My mom said that young black boys who look like me are murdered, without reason all the time "


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