Rape at the hands of France Police Officials

Late at night within the Aulnay-souis Bois area, North of Paris, France.

A 22 year old, male named Theo, witnessed France Police officials harassing an adjacent pedestrian. Verbal abuse followed by physical abuse, were dished out from the group of hostile Officers to the unnamed person.

Things were taken as far as the officer's slapping this person.

Within an immediate response, Theo confronted France Police Officials.

Feeling a notion of responsibility within his overall presence, He wanted to serve as a form of protection.

Immediately after the officers had concluded within their harassment of the adjacent Paris, France resident, they turned their turmoil towards Theo. Taken to the middle of a cold, filthy abandoned alley way, he had no idea that things would escalate, furthermore in the wrong direction. 



Within an interview with the Huffington Post, Theo reiterated what happened that dreadful night.

“I didn’t try to run away. I told the officers, ‘You’ve torn my bag,’ to which they replied that they didn’t give a damn,”. “They all tried to grab me. I asked them why they were doing this, but they just continued to throw insults at me.”

“He told me to put my hands behind my back. They put handcuffs on me and then they told me to sit down,” he added. “They sprayed tear gas in my face, and then I had a pain in my buttocks. My trousers were lowered. I was in serious pain.”

The surrounding officers are denying any accountability of Theo’s statements. Even indicating that Theo is confused since he was blindfolded he is not sure of what actually took place. Police officials are stating that during their questioning Theo’s pants had fallen and one of the officer’s baton had slipped towards his anus. How ridiculously convenient right?




There is no statement, apology or handshake from government officials that can make up for the severity of that horrid night young Theo had to endure. Not only did the France, Officials strip of his rights but his man-hood and dignity were taken from him. The level of disrespect to lie and state that was any form of misconception or confusion of what actually occurred is mind boggling. To add insult to injury, out a group of 5-6 officers not even one of them has the self-respect to stand up and to tell the truth within its entirety of what happened that night. People are outraged and we have every right to be. Police Officials take an oath to protect and serve but the criminals that are slipping through the cracks. Police Officials are creating loop holes within society that only they benefit from. This isn't a black issue, it's corruption at its finest!


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