The Roommate from Hell. Black College Student endures months of deadly pranks at the hands of white roomate


18 year old freshman student,  Chennel  ‘Jazz’ Rowe; endured the most tormenting experience any college student could’ve imagined, at the hand of her own roommate. Hazardous health pranks, public humiliation, and complete disrespect for human life, just to name a few of what this young lady experienced. To finally arrive at the fact that; Chennel’s roommate gained joy out of her actions as she publicized the whole thing on one of the biggest social media platforms the world has to offer.


18 year old University of Hartford student Brianna Brouche, committed numerous foul acts towards her roommate…


-Mixed moldy clam dip in lotions

-Spit in coconut oil 

-Placed roommates tooth brush upon genital areas

-Rub used feminine products against roommates backpack.


After weeks of a cruel, silent war Chennel had enough and decided to split ways with her roommate. 

Ironically; Chennel had no idea of the crimes placed against her. She became uncomfortable with the atmosphere Brouche created. While living there; when she would enter the dorm room there was always an intense silence,  and little to no contact which ultimately gave her an eerie feeling.

It wasn’t until after she exited, Rowe was informed of Brouche’s Instagram post caption “After 1½ months of spitting in her coconut oil, putting moldy clam dip in her lotions, rubbing used tampons on her backpack, putting her toothbrush places where the sun doesn’t shine, and so much more, I can finally say goodbye Jamaican Barbie,”


Immediatley taking to Facebook, Rowe began to inform the world of the disgusting hatred she’s had to endure. Brouche explained how on numerous occasions she complained to school officials and nothing was ever done.

It’s been a few months since the entire ordeal. Brouche has been suspended and trial has begun since then; she is being charged with a hate crime. Despite the fact, her attorney dares to argue that the entire situation is simply two girls not being able to get along.


“This is the blatant racism”-NAACP President Derrick Johnson states at the recent trial that took place. The judge ruled “there is not enough evidence to deem it as a hate crime. (Unbelievable right? There’s more! )

Brouch’s attorney apologized on her behalf, stating ‘she initially harbored feelings of regret but was advised to stay away due to potential legal allegations’.

Brouch received a lesser punishment than the crime at hand, walking away with 2 years of accelerated rehabilitation. Possibly facing charges of misdemeanor mischief and breach of peace charges. Which can potentially be erased if she basically completes community service within the two year span.


Despite the pain and suffering Chennel endured, she showed up to the court hearing with an open heart. She wasn’t at all upset with the judge’s ruling, and was actually pleased by the conclusion of the entire ordeal. Stating “I want her to receive the help she needs”. 



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