Who is Cyntoia Brown?

Her name is Cyntoia Brown...


Derived from a household of violence & sexual abuse; ranging from her mother to eldest siblings. Cyntoia has had a horrific-traumatic childhood; which only worsen as she grew older. A victim of human trafficking; drugged and raped by numerous men 3x her adolescent age. Repeatedly sold by a pimp, who ultimately forwarded her over to a child pedophile, who kept her in solitaire confinement at the expense of his own sexual leisure. Cyntoia found the courage to kill her abuser. At the young age of 16 year's old; Cyntoia was charged as an adult and unable to obtain bail until the age of 69.

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Her story occurred over 13 years ago; Cyntoia is almost 30 years old. She has obtained her Associates degree and is well on her way to receiving her Bachelors. Though she is very hopeful and enduring her situation to the best of her ability; her story has touched lives throughout the world. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, T.I & many other's have voice their outrage and forwarding their resources to seek an appeal for Cyntoia's unjustified sentencing. 

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