Ten Year Old Boy Commits Suicide After Being Bullied Due To Medical Condition!

#Cousins , we ask you to join us as we take this time to send our deepest prayers and condolences to a family who has unlawfully lost their child due to the direct results of bullying.


According to #TheBlaze 10 year old #SevenBridges from #Kentucky was bullied for months due to a health condition he was born with. Seven’s health condition required him to have a colostomy bag, which sometime caused a smell to lingerie around him. In an attempt to correct his bowel, Seven endured a total of 26 surgeries. 

Over the summer in August, Seven endured a brutal attack, where he was called a racial slur by a student and then chocked by another student for his unwillingness to fight back. The incident gained media attention, as Seven lost conscious and endure intense dizziness. Seven was then taken to the local hospital by his mother Tami Charles for a CT scan. Sources indicated that Seven’s school Jefferson County Public School issued a statement indicating “ matters were addressed,“ but no disciplinary action was ever taken.  "JCPS, you all failed my baby“ states Charles to local news.  Seven was set to transfer schools within the upcoming semester. His parents were hopeful that a new beginning within a new enviornment would make things better for their son. "We kept telling him this will all be over.” states Charles. 


Sources state on Jan. 19th, as Charles returned home from the grocery store she witnessed Seven’s lifeless body within a closet. Seven had hanged himself. "For the few minutes that we left, he didn't want us to see that,“ states Seven’s father. Seven’s parents are seeking legal action against the school. Charles states after the first incident occurred in August, Seven was treated differently by the students and faculty. "It wasn't that they didn't have these tools to help the victims of bullying, they just weren't there, they weren't used." 

Rest in perfect peace Seven 🙏🏿🌹