George Zimmerman Sends Aims Threats To Carters, Due To Creation Of Trayvon Martin Docu-Series


 “ George Zimmerman “ doesnt the sound of his just name makes our skin crawl?  You would think a Man who murdered a young Teen in cold blood and got acquitted of all charges; would live the remainder of his life under a rock somewhere. Of course not; every six months or so he pops his head up to let us all know the devil still lives. 


According To #BlastNews, Zimmerman made hostile threats towards both #JayZ and #Beyonce , during the filming of The #TrayvonMartinStory “ #RestInPower “ . The six part docu-series is executively Produced by Mr. Carter. The series portrays the surrounding facts, details and events taken place after the murder of Martin. 

In multiple text messages Zimmerman refers to B’ as a “ Broke H***” and states that if he ever sees her or Jay “ they’ll find themselves inside a 13 ft gator “ .


The Carters weren’t the only ones who were threatened, Zimmerman has forwarded harassment towards the entire production team as well. Back in May he was charged with stalking and harassment, due to hundreds of voicemails and messages he sent to a Private Investigator who was also working closely with production. 

Sources state the messages will appear live and on screen during the finale of the this Monday at 10pm EST on #BET