Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Explain Why They No Longer Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary!

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been together for decades and are highly admired for their dedicated union . Well known for keeping the dynamics of their marriage private, and also the long list of bizarre, circulating rumors that neither party cares to ever shed light on. However;  Pinkett’s Facebook watch series #RedTableTalk, has allowed us a sneak peak of the Smith’s Family dynamic.


The “#RedTableTalk” is  now on its second season and has successfully opened up a new world for fans, friends and close loved ones of the Smith’s family. Each episode we explore the deepest darkest secrets and conquests of various A-list celebrities. According to the #HuffPost in the latest episode Will and Jada who have been officially married since Dec.31, 1997 openly admitted to the fact that they no longer celebrate their wedding anniversary, and they haven’t been in the same place for years when the date roles in. 

“We don’t really celebrate that day, you know what I’m saying, anymore in that sense, because the context of our union is totally different “ , says Jada. She concludes that Will is more prone to being on an adventure for New Year’s Eve and that she’s more comfortable with being home. The couple has recently shared a few bumps in the road that they’ve endure within their marriage. How it took for them to completely to destroy it to make everything whole again, but they’ve also stated that they refer to one another as life partners. The Smith’s conclude that no matter what obstacle comes before them, that they’re soul mates and will ride life out together.