$44 Million In Damages Granted To Song Writter Of 2004 “ Bad Girl “ Single

There are certain songs that will always, always, always get the party jumping and live on forever within its own right. #UsherRaymond ‘s 2004 classic hit single “ bad girl “ is definitely one of those songs! From the unforgettable sound to the mesmerizing lyrics “ Bad Girl is one for the ages”, so much so that the original song writer has recently followed suit and received a major pay day!

Song writer Daniel Marino filed an official law suit for compensatory damages back in 2011 for the hit single “ Bad Girl”

According to #TheShadeRoom Marino forwarded documentation stating that he created an original single named “ club girl” that obtained the same guitar hook, tempo and chord progress as Usher’s “ Bad Girl”. Even though Marino states he was never issued credit for any of his work by Usher, ironically his name was never mentioned within the lawsuit.

Within an official court hearing held in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas; Marino received $6.75 million in compensatory damages from former co-writer William Guice, $20.25 million in punitive damages and $17.35 million from Destro music production co-defendant Dante Barton. Marino went home with a total of $44.35 million