Tracy Morgan Receives Key To Brooklyn!

You know what they say; If you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere and #TracyMorgan is living proof! From #DefComedyJam , #SNL , Hollywood walk of fame; to a near death experience in 2014 that most people would’ve never pushed through. Morgan has literally been through it all within his career span; the boy who grew up in #Brooklyn projects now owns the key to Brooklyn!

An emotional ceremony was held on the behalf of Morgan which so happen to take place the day before his 50th birthday this past week. According to #ComplexMagazine ; Borough President Eric Adam; attended the ceremony to personally thank Morgan for his contributions to the community. “You tell everyone, there are only two types of Americans: Those who live in Brooklyn and those who wish they could," Adams said. "When you hang out with him, you feel no different than hanging out with someone standing on the corner of Tompkins Avenue holding a Colt 45”

“This is for you, this ain't for me," he said as he was joined by friends and family. "I'm in service to you.... I don't even know what to say, man." ; concluded tears eyed Morgan.

Tamara JacksonComment