T Pain Covers Brother's Hospital Bill Of $1.4 Million!

Medical expenses within the United States can be quite costly. The CDC ( Center for Disease control and Prevention) states  the average tab for medical expenses per individual ranges between $ 10,000 and more. It’s a harsh reality to come to terms with the fact that a minor injury can be the difference between staying a float and landing face first in bankruptcy.

According to #Blavity ; the Tallahassee rapper #TPain has recently flipped a hefty medical bill for his brother’s hospital stay, totaling an average of $1.4. Pain took to instagram a few days ago to state : “My brother was in two hospitals for a total of a month and some change. Just got the bills.“  The posted photo show a large receipt consisting of summary charges which included a a bill of  $1,132,746.67 and another for 270,231.40. 

Sources state that, T-Pain hasn’t enclosed any deatails of his brothers medical stay or current status. He has only stated that he is thankful for all parties involved helping to keep his brother alive.

Let us all take this moment to send an extended prayer to T-Pain and his family during this difficult time. 🙏🏿