Teyana Taylor Addresses Rumors Of Husband Fathering A Child Outside Their Marriage!


The internet more times than any can be deemed both a gift and a curse. A gift with the impact it allows you to make in the world. A curse upon the impact it forces into your own world. Last summer #GoodMusic ‘s First Lady  #TeyanaTaylor shared a piece of her world with us within her latest album #KTSE . Shedding light on her experiences within friendships, motherhood and being a wife. Beautiful album, actually classic within its own right, but her honesty might have given the public the motive to search for any slight imperfection in her life to run with. Once again the internet can be a curse y’all!


According to #USMagazines rumors have been heavy in circulation since Taylor deleted her #Instagram page. As fans, blogs and the general public search for answers, they arrived to the conclusion that TT has been on hiatus because her husband #ImanShumpert impregnated a woman the couple had a previous threesome with. The suspected third party is an adult film star by the name of #AlbyRydes .


Sources have indicated a twitter follower wrote Taylor on Jan 21st  to ask directly stating : “@TEYANATAYLOR is it true the girl you brought home to have a threesome with you and your husband is pregnant, and it’s for that reason that you have deleted you IG?” . Taylor responded shortly stating : 1. I’ve never seen/touched that girl in my life. 2. My page is gone because I’m upset at @defjam for not dropping my damn ‘WTP’ video on time, per usual. 3. It’s really sad that lies are entertained so much than the truth. 4. Iman is not dumb he know I’d kill him 😃 End of story.”


Soon after the adult film actress Rydes responded to the rumors via her Instagram story, stating :“I refuse to entertain fake news. Life is too big and time is too short to get caught up in empty drama..BUT to protect my energy i have to respond. Whoever is spread these rumors just now ITS FAKE NEWS AND IT AINT HIS BABY. Yall should be ashamed for creating this negative energy and throwing it around like it wont affect anyone. I had my baby with the man i was dating and that man aint Iman. So please stop making fake stories just to get some likes and for everyone else believing these blogs is a no better person. Now leave me the f—k alone.”