Congratulations are in order!! Stevie J & Faith Evan tie the knot!

Ladies & Gentlemen Please join us as we send a huge congratulations to Mr & Mrs Jordan!!!

According to #TMZ rumors were high within speculation after a few red flags appeared on both #Instagram and #twitter over the last few days. With the sensual visual snippet of their anticipated single “ A Miniute “ , where the two look absolutely infatuated with one another 👀. Then the most recent tweets where they display their feelings to the world : “ I love you Faith Renee Jordan”


“I love you back Steven Aaron Jordan”

It was only a matter of time before word gotten out that the duo had filed for a marriage license in Clark County; #LasVegas Nevada on Tuesday. Little did we all know they indeed tied the knot yesterday!!

This news comes as a huge shock since the couple had a short lived relationship last year.

In our opinion this is an amazing union! Faith may have the anecdote needed to cure Stevie of his past ways!!!