Kevin Hart To Host The 2019 Academy Awards


Congratulations are in order! Between being a super dad, husband, comedian rockstar, actor producer and fitness guru, #KevinHart has squeezed in the time to host the 2019 Academy Awards.


According to #VarietyMagazine; Hart took to instagram on Tuesday to confirm the circulating rumors that he was under consideration. Hart has hosted various  high profile ceremonies  within his career but has often expressed his interest specifically in hosting an academy award show. “It would be something I would definitely do just to say I did it in my career, It would be great to say I had that moment.”, Hart tells Variety.

The 2019 Oscars are set to air on the ABC broadcasting network Feb.24. Sources state that Hart’s hosting is expected to be entertaining, impactful and influential. Over the past few years the Academy has been in the hot seat for lack of diversity amongst presenters, winners and even audience members. With hashtags like #OscarsSoWhite;  growing on social media and last year’s views reaching an all time low, one thing is for sure they better come correct or we’re coming at all.