Kanye West Donates 150K To The Family Of Brave Security Guard Murdered By Police

 Kanye West has arguably been on the right side of wrong for the majority of this year. After receiving major backlash from the Black Community due to his periodic outbursts and hurtful statements; it’s beginning to look as if Brother West is making his way back home y’all!

The murder of #JemelRoberson , a brave security guard within Chicago who stopped a bar shootout and was instantly killed by arriving police officials has sparked a frenzy across the nation. According to #CNN a #GoFundMe page has been created on the behalf of Roberson to assist with funeral arrangements.  Sources state that West donated $150K directly to the page which helped assist far beyond the administrators goal.

Roberson’s death has outraged millions as their fueled with both fear and confusion as to why can’t a Black Man with a gun be deemed as a good guy?