Idris Elba; Sexiest Man Alive Wins Ugliest Doll Award!


#IdrisElba has recently been voted the sexiest man alive according to people magazine and every woman in the world with a pulse. Elba’ s British accent, smooth appearance and exquisite mannerism has grabbed all of our hearts and eyes years ago, amen? Ironically the recent creation of a doll dubbed to be him states the complete opposite.


According to #PeopleMagazine ; a U.K company named “ Emperis “ has recently manufactured a doll on the behalf of Elba.

Which costs £850 overseas and about $1,100 in the US. Once twitter users got a look of Elba’s plastic protege; let’s just say playing nice was off the table.

The doll has Elba’s swagger and body stature down perfectly, but the facial features are of obvious exaggeration. #Thoughts?