False Alarm! Despite Multiple Rumors Surfacing; Gladys Knight’s Publicist States She’s Cancer Free


The untimely death of The Queen Of Soul, #ArethaFranklin hit an entire Nation as well as our Culture pretty hard last month. When rumors surfaced of another Musical Icon enduring the same fate due to a common illness; I think we all can agree that our hearts wouldn’t be able to take bare such pain.


After Franklin’s beautiful  “Home-Going” service on Friday held in #Atlanta , #Georgia ; numerous news reporters swarmed the area. Within an interview with Gladys Knight, reporters state that she concluded that Franklin and herself had recently stayed at the same hotel before she fell ill and had confided in each other their current battle with Pancreas Cancer.

 According to #Blavity Publicist Jay Schwartz, who represents Knight, states she had stage one breast cancer and is now cancer free due to early detection and treatment. Schwartz goes on to state "It is unfortunate that on a day we should be celebrating Aretha's life and massive contribution to our world, a reporter who did not relay accurate information has missed the message," 

We are relieved that Ms Knight is in good health, Amen!