Drake Pays Eleven Year Old Girl Enduring Intense Heart Complications A Visit


I wonder if Drake had the slightest idea when penning the #2018 Summer anthem #InMyFeelings ; that this single track birthed the ability to change lives. From Queens #NYC social media personality #Shiggy orchestrating the original choreography back in June. The #InMyFeelingsChallenge Has literally swept the Nation On All social media platforms.

Sofia Sanchez, 11 also was one of many videos to go viral completing the Challenge. While attached to an IV, she stepped away from her wheel chair and did her thing; all the while walking down a hospital hallway. Sanchez has recently undergone open heart surgery a few weeks ago and is currently awaiting a donor. Doctors state she was extremely ill and had endured heart failure, when she was initially admitted. Sanchez is currently being hospitalized at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Childrenโ€™s Hospital Within #Chicago.



On Monday afternoon while in bed she received the ultimate surprise.  โ€˜Oh my Godโ€™ she screamed as the #Toronto Six God himself popped in to pay her visit. In complete disbelief, she stared at him as he grinned and greeted her. According to #TimeINC  Drizzy also sang for her and they swapped autographs, because Sanchez is a star too.