DMX Released From Prison After Serving IRS Tax Evasion Bid!

Welcome home DMX is the campaign! After one long year behind bars DMX is finally free!!


According to #Blavity DMX, was officially released from prison on Friday, after serving time for tax evasion. Sources have indicated that DMX was originally set for release on Sunday, The original date was retracted due to the observance of the federal Holiday of #MartinLutherKingJrDay . The Bureau of Prison Policy states : “the last preceding weekday if their projected release date falls on a weekend or legal holiday.” DMX was sentenced to jail Jan. 2018, for failure to pay $ 1.7 million in taxes. 


DMX was previously convicted of tax fraud . He has been accused of creating bank accounts in other people names, avoiding banks on his own personal behalf and paying large lump sums of money for expenses in pure cash to deflect from a money trail. Sources have indicated that DMX has accepted full responsibility for his actions, further stating : “I knew that taxes needed to be paid. I hired people but I didn't follow up. I guess I really didn't put too much concern into it,” he said. “I never went to the level of tax evasion where I'd sit down and plot ... like a criminal in a comic book.”

Sources have indicated that the rapper is currently under supervised release for the next three years and owes the IRS $2,292,200.