Cyn Santana Issues Apology For 2016 Statement : Black Guys Cater To Us Spanish Girls Especially! “

#LoveandHipHopNewYork cast member #CynSantana is in the hot seat due to the resurfacing of a 2016 podcast interview “ Lip Service” with radio personality #AngelaYee .Within the interview Cyn Shares her personal preference within dating black men as oppose to “ Spanish men “ and goes on to state : "Black guys cater to us Spanish girls, especially," then stating. "Like, they... you know what, let me not get into it. Black girls gonna take it personal. They gonna be like, 'Uhh uhh!' Anyway, I'm done with the papis. “

Here’s the thing, though we all may like Cyn ( Anyone whose a #Beyonce fan were here for it ) but this particular comment was a heavy turn off, ignorant and disgusting.  First of all there is a deep and visible line of separation between the Black and Latino community. In which we truly believe is due to lack of education and systematic oppression. We’re not taking our time or the initiative to understand our history, or the  difference between race, ethnicity and culture. We allow society to fornicate and orchestrate division amongst us from skin color, hair texture and numerous other frivolous notions that don’t equate to anything but separation. It is interesting though, do black men treat women outside of their own race better? If so why? Why are women from other races and cultures comfortable saying this? Why would any woman want to bestow their love to a man who doesn’t respect his own people? Why do people feel the need to bash their own race or culture when flaunting a preference?

Cyn towards the beginning of the ordeal attempted to defend herself by stating her words were taking out of context, in which we personally don’t believe ( you said what you said sis ) . Ultimately in the end she apologized for the comments made, then admiting her remarks were both ignorant and immature. That she has changed within the last three years and sees things from a totally different perspective, also issuing a direct salute to black women everywhere. We’re here for the apology and acknowledgment of her faults, no one’s perfect. We just hope as a mother and soon to be wife to a black son and husband she learns , teaches and orchestrates more politically correct, conscious decisions.