Chicago Police Officials Threaten To Charge Jussie Smollett If False Report Was Filed!

The alleged anti-gay / racial hate crime of fox empire actor #JussieSmollett has raised quite a few eyebrows, as details of the ordeal have been deemed questionable.  

According to #TheSource ,  #Chicago Police have promised to charge Smollett if any fabrication of his filed report surfaces. Sources have indicated that the two alleged suspects from the captured surveillance camera have been identified as two homeless men, who weren’t involved. Officials have stated that their is minimal evidence with no suspects. 

Thought the investigation is still on, Smollet hasn’t yet cooperated with the Chicago Police orders to forward his cellphone for evidence. Smollet’s refusal has been identified as lacking accountability of his case. Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson has promised jail time if Smollet is lying about the night in question.