Black Panther Actress Danai Gurira Partners With Johnson And Johnson To Create HIV/AIDS Preventative And Educational Campaign: #MakeHIVhistory !

Danai Gurira has recently announced her partnership with #JohnsonandJohnson to help educate and spread awareness upon HIV/Aids. But Gurira is no new kid on the block when it comes down to spreading awareness; she has stated that she feels a deeeper connection within value and service to educate others on such an important topic. 

According to #TheGrio Gurira shed light on her upbringing in #Zimbabwe during the 80’s to early 90’s era and being face to face with the harsh impact of the disease. “ It hit the Southern part very hard. It was something I witnessed affect society, affect family, affect friends. I can’t really extricate that from my memories of growing up because it was always something you saw happening. “ Gurira states during an interview.

Within her career; Gurira has co-written  a play “ In the Continuum“ ; pertaining to two women living with HIV/ AIDS and the harsh reality they endured once being in diagnosed. Gurira aims to work hands on within multiple communites to educate current and future generations.