Beyoncé Cuts Ties With Top Shop Chairman Phillip Green Following Sexual Misconduct & Racial Abuse Allegations!

This past year has shed light on the dark truth of the industry as numerous Women have come forward and shared horrific stories of Men in power who have crossed the line repeatedly and have gotten away with it. NO MORE!!!

According to #ElleMagazine ; #Beyonce has officially cut ties with #TopShop Chairman #PhillipGreen due to accusations of sexual harassment and racial abuse have come to surface. Green and Beyoncé were in a joint business partnership under the stylish athletic brand #IVYPARK; both owning 50% of shared profits. Sources state Beyoncé has officially purchased Green’s share and now owns 100% of the brand. Beyoncé takes these allegations extremely seriously; she has built her entire brand and career upon being a woman’s activist.

Green denies the allegations and has even obtained an court order to try and stop media outlets from reporting further details. Nice Try!