R Kelly Swears To Stand Clear Of Minors & Wear GPS Monitoring Device If Granted Release!

Word on the street is #RKelly has recently issued a scout’s honor that he will no longer come in contact with any underage girls. To sweeten the deal even more he threw in that he will even sport a GPS detection device within hopes of being releassed from prison.

According to #CBSNews ; a report obtained by #Bossip states that Kelly has asked the judge to overturn the ruling of denying him bail. Kelly is currently facing multiple federal charges within the eastern district of Illinois and has pleaded guilty to all counts. Also arguing that he does not have efficient and effective resources to fight his case, due to issues he’s facing within child support endeavors.

Reports read that Kelly is willing to not only wear an electronic monitoring device but also opt for house arrest. Under specific terms and restrictions that he will not come in contact with minors and limited internet access.

Kelly’s main objective is to be released on bail while his case is still pending. His lawyer states that he is currently enduring extreme isolation with zero contact with the rest of the incarcerated population.