Prime Minister Of Barbados Announces Rihanna Museum Coming Soon!!

#Family , we are super excited to announce that our favorite Bad Gal #Rihanna is set to be honored in a monumental way! A “ Rihanna Museum “ is in talks of popping up real soon within her home town of #Barbados .


According to #UrbanIslandzNews ; Mia Mottley who serves as the Prime Minister of Barbados, has recently announced at an event in London that a Rihanna Museum is underway. Indicating that conversations are in the works between Rihanna’s management and the Barbados government.

”The most successful woman entertainer in the entire globe, in my view deserves to be recognized in her life as a living legend of Barbados as well,” states Mottley in an interview with #EssenceMagazine .

Rihanna is ranked as one of the most influential women in the world. From beginning her musical journey in the U.S at 16 years old, to recently being named the richest female artist in the industry at 31, creating a successful cosmetic, clothing, and lingerie line, acting career and more. Though we are excited and patiently ( impatiently) awaiting new music, it feels good to see our girl conquering the world and uplifting the culture one accolade at a time!