Jay Z Invests $ 1 Million Dollars Towards Black Owned Vegan Cookie Company!

When it comes down to business, let’s just say #JayZ ‘s investment game is hella strong! The Brooklyn Native has recently forwarded a total of $ 1 million dollars to a black owned vegan cookie company out in New Jersey!


According to #VibeMagazine Mr. Carter’s business company Marcy Venture Partners has recently invested a million dollars into Partake Foods. Other big name companies such as : The FactoryBackstage Capital, SoFi Ventures, and Chuck Muth, Chief Growth Officers of Beyond Meat have also invested into Partake Foods.

Partake Foods serves as a allergy friendly, dairy free, non-GMO, nut-free and soy-free food company. Sources have indicated that the company was originally established on 2016 by a former Coca-Cola national sales director Denise Woodard.

Woodard states that her daughter’s food allergies motivated her to start the cookie company. She knew that there were many people within the world who suffered from food allergies and weren’t able to indulge in certain foods. Woodard then decided to create her own lane with the baked goods by creating “delicious cookies that you can feel good about.”


Reports read that within the beginning stages of Partake Foods; Woodard was solely funded by Crowdfunding donations. She sold cookies out of the trunk of her car for six months, while setting up demo meetings with store managers and potential customers. Fast forward to today, Partake Foods is now being sold at hundreds of stores. “We expect to finish this year with a new pack offering and in over 1,000 stores,” Woodard tells Black Enterprise. “We are so excited to collaborate with the MVP and Factory teams, as they both bring a wealth of knowledge in brand building and scaling consumer companies.”