Chris Brown Nominated Into The Cancelled Culture Hall Of Fame, Due To Controversial Lyrics Within New Album!

Jay-Z once said the great thing about music is that you can create one thing for millions of people and all of their views will differ immensely. As dope as that may be, interpretation of lyrics more times than any can land you in some pretty hot water if not delivered correctly. Like our friend Christopher Brown who’s new album #Indigo has been the talk of the town this past week. Leaving many listeners expressing their love for the album; while numerous people have a specific bone to pick with him.


According to #ComplexMagazine ; Brown is currently receiving immediate and abrupt backlash from a song titled “Need a Stack “featuring #LilWayne , and #JoynerLucas . Within the track the highlighted lyric pertains to only wanting to have sex with Black girls who have “ nice hair.”


"Diggin' it, then I'm lickin' all on that p***y, put it right there/Only wanna f**k the black b*** with the nice hair,"

Brown commented under an Instagram post attempt to defend himself however not really clearing much air by saying, "HAAAAAAA!”

"Y'all trippin trippin. Y'all b***** don't wanna fuck da n***a with f**** up teeth do you??? Only b***** upset is the uglies (not the black queens)." 

What do y’all think, are people digging to deep into the lyrics or should Chris Brown finally be inducted into the Cancelled Hall Of Fame?