ASAP Rocky Reportedly Being Detained Under Inhumane Living Conditions!

Earlier this week we reported the arrest of Harlem, New York Rapper ASAP Rocky in Sweden due to alleged assault charges. Though a now viral video show’s Rocky and members from his camp only defending themselves against harassment, he has been reportedly placed in solitary confinement in a space that is described as both unlivable and inhumane.

According to #TMZ , an official from the U.S embassy in Sweden has informed Rocky’s camp that the detention center where he’s being held looks like, “Walking into that place was like walking into a toilet." 

Sources have indicated that Rocky’s being forced to sleep on a yoga mat with no blanket or sheets. It has been stated that the prisoner next to Rocky has severe mental health issues that slams his head against the wall and throws feces all over the place.

Rocky has been forced to drink water that is not clean, and food that is not edible. Reports read that he was only provided an apple to eat for the first 5 days of his two week sentence.

Since the news of Rocky’s unsanitary living conditions thousands of petitioners have signed to have him released.