When it comes to eating the box; DJ Khaled say's ' That's a No No " !

We all have our own sexual preferences, desires, uncertainties and inquires. Through age, experience and wisdom it gets easier to set straight with our sexual partners of what we’re cool with and just not into. But within this day and age is it fair to place rules into the equation of sex? And if so, upon what basis? What factors are set in place as to who gets what and who does what within each sexual encounter? Is it fair that gender roles or even the size of one’s bank account come to play as a component of such endeavor? Sounds a little “Cave-Manish” to me.



A four-year-old dated interview; between Hip-Hop producer and Mogul DJ Khaled and NYC morning show 105.1 own “The Breakfast Club “has surfaced as of recently and it has all of our heads spinning. Khaled explains his sexual participation or lack thereof and how rules are considerably different for Men and Women when it comes down to giving and receiving oral sex.


“I believe a Woman should praise a Man, (I mean if you holding it down) & a Man should praise a Queen. My way of praising is ‘How’s dinner? Do you like the clothes that you’re getting? The house your living in? The fact that I take care of both of our families?”

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Khaled makes it very clear that he is not here for performing oral sex, but is all here for receiving. In fact, in his own opinion, it’s mandatory for women to conduct the act, because :

“I’m the don and the king.

I don’t do that and I’m not going to.

Rules are different for Men,

I Can’t do what you want me to do.

But no matter what you have to, it must get done”

Now this interview is about 4 years old guys and girls, hopefully he has stepped up to the plate, I mean he is married. Not saying we can’t still deem him as the inspirational/ motivational guru that he is, but when it comes down to sex and relationships? Khaled we’re just going to have you sit out on his one, okay?

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