Give it up one time for black love, Y'all..

Let’s get into all this black love that has been literally breaking the internet as of lately! From gender reveals, to wedding proposals; this Mother’s Day weekend has been sincerely epic!

Former Victoria Secret model, Chanel Iman and her Husband, New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard took to Instagram Sunday afternoon and spilled the beans to a well kept secret.


With never before seen shots of their heavily themed denim maternity shoot the couple unleashed to the world they are currently expecting their first child.

Daddy and Mommy can’t wait to meet you. As I approach motherhood I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and mommies to be ❤️ “

Captured moments of the couple gazing deeply in one another’s eyes, it’s obvious to see that Mr. & Mrs. Shepard are very much happily inlove. So much in fact that their love has initiated a new beginning within existence for them both!  

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Bright and early Monday morning Taraji P. Henson started all of our morning on the good foot with the announcement of her engagement to longtime boyfriend Kelvin Hayden. Kelvin Hayden.


The pair have been an item for a little over two years and have recently came out to the world about the serious of their relationship. For a while, they kept things under wraps and let people assume whatever. It wasn’t until late last year, the “Empire “Queen, Taraji gave us the scoop, confirming her relationship with former NFL super bowl recipient Kelvin Hayden. Within the Essence “yes girl” podcast back in December of 2017, Taraji who is usually very private stated: "I’m happy in my personal life. Finally, it has happened to me! "


It was only a matter of time though! The couple was spotted very often happily enjoying one another’s company not ever caring if the paparazzi was lurking! All in all, it couldn't have happened to a more beautiful person. Congrats to you both!


Love and hip hop of Atlanta; newlyweds Scrappy and Bambi returned within this week’s episode with more than a few gifts for us all to bare.



Not only did the couple secretly elope but they are also expecting their first child together. As we all know, it has been a long and bumpy ride for them both; dealing with issues of trust and infidelity. But no relationship is perfect; it’s not only the war wounds that we endure together, but the fact that we can bring out the best in each other one step at time.


In a lavishly decked out gender reveal party over the weekend, the newlyweds have been informed that their bundle of joy is a young prince. Congratulations to them both!

No matter where you are in life at this moment, or what you have endured within the past. You deserve two things; genuine happiness and god given love. It may not come when you expect it but it will happen. Fairy tales do exist and you are deserving of that and more!
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