Netflix Orginal hit series cast " Dear White People " ; Create scholarship memorial in honor of slain teen

A little less than a year ago we reported the tragic death of Jordan Edwards, 15 Years old from Balch Springs, Texas. Police Reports Read "That Jordan & three other friends exited a house party where they were accused of being drunk while driving viciously backwards within the direction of a police vehicle. Which lead to the Police Officers releasing shots into the vehicle, piercing Jordan Edwards in the back of his head. "



Jordan Edwards, 15

Conflicting evidence has been forwarded, indicating acts of fornication and falsified statements. The case has yet to gone to trial, and no convictions have been made.  

 A day before Jordan’s death, the Netflix original hit series “Dear White People “premiered. The entire cast has established a scholarship program in honor of  Jordan's name.

Main character and leading lady of the hit original series Logan Laurice (Samantha White) took to Instagram to express her gratitude on behalf of the entire cast;

“To honor his life, our cast and crew formed a scholarship fund in his name. His dream will love on a through another deserving student, and #JordanEdwards will live on as more than just a hashtag. We welcome you to be a part of building his legacy.."

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