" A Binderella Story"..

Binderella story, a young woman from the Bronx, NYC area Born and raised; where most people would depict such a place as the slums she had; we have to call home. Sue’s rendezvous, where as a young girl she stripped for years across the street from her school to make ends meet because like most of us inner city kids if mama don’t have it our only choice is to go out and get it.

As a girl from the Bronx I think it’s important to acknowledge the story of Cardi-B. With her debut album “invasion of privacy “she tells her story of how she started from the bottom and built her way to the top. The girl’s album went gold the same day it was released. She has graced the stage of numerous award shows, topped charts and broken records with some of the most prestigious artists the world has ever seen. Not only is she a self-made millionaire, an engaged mother to be but she’s a smegular degular girl from the Bronx! Cardi often idolizes where she came from and recognizes that her hardships and determination was the blue print to the spot that she upholds today.


How many of us can keep it real and say at first we didn’t see it in Cardi? A little fifteen minutes of fame based of Instagram? Like everyone else; here today and forgotten tomorrow. There’s nothing more honorable than seeing someone come from nothing, putting themselves on top and continuously climbing. From mix tapes, numerous videos, the love and hip hop franchisee to making bloody moves. Cardi you are an inspiration to us all. When you see people come from where you come from and look, talk and act like you not only make it but remain the same internally despite the glitz and glam? You have to respect it. Wishing you success on all your future endeavors and more!

Tamara JacksonComment