R Kelly Former Employee Informs Grand Jury That There Are More Children Sex Tapes!

Each day more disturbing information comes to light upon the sexual encounters between the notorious pedophile himself #RKelly and underage  children.

According to #TMZ an unnamed ex employee of Kelly’s has informed a federal grand jury that there are more children sex tapes. Also stating that Kelly kept those tapes as trophies of his distasteful actions.  Sources have indicated that the former employee has stated that he was paid a large lump sum of money by Kelly to hand over the tapes. The tapes are now said to have been forwarded to Cook county state attorney Kim Foxx. The former employee states they have forwarded several tapes to Fox which consists of visual sex encounters between Kelly and Children.

The former employee openly admits that Kelly’s team is well aware of his sick and underage obsession. Instead of calling him out to officials they help feed his craving by helping him scout out young girls.