Oprah Winfrey Issues $500,000 Gift To New Jersey School!

 A #NewJersey Principal received high praises in #2018 from us all when he set up washing machines inside of his school he works at when a student confided in him that he was being bullied for attire. The Principal’s devotion matched with unconditional love for his students has not only been highly respected locally but also earned him paid homage by one of the biggest mogul’s in the world with an incomparable gift.


According to #TheRoot ; media tycoon  #OprahWinfrey had recently paid a visit to West Side High School located in Newark New Jersey to announce that she’ll be forwarding a donation of $500,000. A forwarded #CBSNews report states that Oprah was impressed with Principal Akbar Cook’s efforts to implement change within his students lives. It has been indicated that Cook also established a  Lights On after school program which is conducted between the hours of 7-11PM on Friday’s and three nights per week within the summer. The program provides free meals that have been donated by local charities and provides a safe space for students to use for recreational activities, hanging out, dance , play games and more.

“I saw what your great principal is doing,” Winfrey tells students and staff during a speech within the school’s gym.. “And I thought, what can I do? So I’m going to leave here tonight and leave you with a half a million dollars,”states Oprah.

Oprah also gifted each student a $50 shop right gift card and hosted a pizza party provided by her “ O, that’s good “ pizza line.