Beyoncé And Jay Z Combined Billion Dollar Empire Makes Them One Of The Richest Self Made Couples In The Nation!

Around this time last year we’re all putting together our coins and best threads within preparation for the highly anticipated  On The Run II Tour. OTR || successfully forwarded a surprise album, million dollars worth of scholarship funding and the rekindling of an one of a kind union. Fast forward a year later and the dynamic Carter duo are making history within their own right.


#JayZ has recently been crowned #HipHop ‘s first self made billionaire. Queen B has also made her way up a few notches on the #Forbes richest self made woman’s list. Together the couple has been named one of the most richest self made couples in the nation!

According to #Forbes Mr & Mrs Carter’s net worth combined equal a total of $1.4 billion dollars. Sources name Beyonce’s key money boomers derive from music, touring and merchandise sales. Reports reads that her net worth has bumped up within a year from $355 million to a total of $400 million dollars. Jay Z’s  fortune derives from music, his investments with Bacardi, and ownership of of Armand de Brignac champagne, art, real estate, stakes in Uber and more. Also both Beyoncé and Jay z have stakes within the super music streaming service of #Tidal. 

What most people don’t know is that the Carters are not your typical husband and wife; they’ve started their businesses single handily not together. Their fortunes come from one another’s earning on both ends!