"Living Single " x Hulu

( Grabs Mic ) " We are living! Singleeeee! In a 90's kind of World, I'm glad I got my GIRLS!"

It is with great pleasure and overwhelming excitement that we inform you; on January 11th, the entire 90's hit- original Fox series " Living Single " will be available for live streaming on Hulu!

" Living Single " depicts the lives and the tales of six, African American Men &  Women within their mid 20's navigating through life's obstacles while living in Brooklyn, New York.


Meet the squad


Khadijah James


-Queen Latifah

Down to earth, supercool home-girl!

CEO of her own ( fictional ) platform, " Flava Magazine " : Black cultural mag, from a Women's prospective within society.  (Sounds pretty dope ) Though she may be literally the most bomb female you'll ever meet,  her selection of guys screams the complete opposite. 



Maxine Shaw

-Erika Alexander

A sharp tongue, super savey lawyer with all the answers to everything imaginable except for the questionable choices she makes in her own life. Max exhibits an ultra hard exterior, but that's only because she finds solace in hiding the fact that she's super sensitive. 


Regine Hunter

-Kim Fields

Booje reaches another plateau with this girl! Regine has an amazing heart, even though it's completely blocked by dollar signs. She's often found looking for love in all the wrong places and always comes up short because of this. Literally a walking glimpse of perfection but at one complete glance you can see the overflowing of shallowness. 


Sinclair James


Kim Cole

Cousin of Khadijah James, and secretary of Flava Magazine. Sinclair is an innocent, inexperienced country gal who is fairly new to the fast stepping toe taping aggressive beat of NYC. Thought within every breath she takes she means well, Sinclair is at total lost majority of the time. She's a sweet girl, who wears her heart on her sleeve but sometimes wishes she didn't


Kyle barker

TC Carson

Smooth talking, deep voice casanova! Kyle Barker is a Lawyer at a prestigious law firm who takes pride in his appearance because in his mind, ( and his mind only ) all the ladies from all over the stratosphere love them some Kyle Barker. Typical Brother right? ( Ha! ) He's the best-friend of Overton; the guys share and apartment above the ladies but are almost always barging their way in day in and day out.


Overton Wakefield

John Henton

Handy man extraodinare!

Overton is literally the sweetest guy you'll ever meet but  completely lacking with the ladies. He's the ultra opposite of his best-friend Kyle but he's cool with that. Quirky handy man who takes both his job and the feelings he has for Sinclair James very serious.  Though she may not know it yet, the unveiling of their love story is for one the ages!


For many of us, the renewal of this classic series is a breath of culturally-necessary fresh air! We are presently in the era of " Reality TV"; which without a doubt has an definite effect upon all levels of societal culture but mostly ours. It's not uncommon to fathom the thought of reality television slowly figuratively killing the Black community and implementing negative stereo types upon Black Women!

Its imperative that we display positive depictions of African American Women on and off camera. Our youth depends on it; the generations before us is reminiscent of the days when we had black actors and actresses representing historically black colleges within the realms of fashion, back in the days where Black Culture was celebrated and Black Women were raising the voices against injustice as oppose to raising their glasses because another chick rubbed her the wrong way.

 " Living Single " is an ageless classic, and indefinitely one for the culture! It's a positive experience within television, that implements realistic inhabitants that the audience can take from and implement within their own life. Executively produced by the amazingly talented Queen Latifah; " Living Single ", brings the essence of our existence into the land of television. Literally paving the way for explosive television series such as " Girlfriends" , " The Game ", 'Eve', etc.  surrounding friendship, sisterhood and the importance of within value of empowering your people towards the right direction while tackling life's obstacles. 

I was about 9 years old when I initially began watching living single and have carried it within my heart ever since, tune into the entire series via Hulu, I know you guys will love it!