The official spin off to ABC's hit original series " Blackish" ;

Grownish tell's the transitional tale within comparison, between life after High-School and the ever altering World of adulthood. Usually the calm, cool, and collective; well dressed-golden child of the Johnson's Clan; Zoey soon learns that life as she knows is about to change drastically. 

Yara Shahidi

Abruptly coming to terms with the fact that good looks and stylish attire means absolutely in the battlefield of especially as a freshmen.  She's experincing life head on and learning elements of herself that she never even knew existed. The realism of things are definitely appreciated, Grownish gives that fresh mischievous feeling you get when your in the mist of doing something absolutely crazy; but it's the intensity of the rush that pushes you to complete the task! It's that awkward stage between a teenager and levitating into premature -adulthood.

Thankfully she's not alone at war.|Meet the cast of Freeform's ( formally known as ABC Family ) newest series Grownish :


Chloe & Halle Bailey

Well known for their beautiful serenades, and mesmerizing performances, the dynamic R & B duo have officially made their television debut!  Chloe & Halle portray twin sisters  Jazz & Sky; track all stars with dreams of excelling academically and leaving the hood forever. But like most teens; fear of not living up to their parents expectations play a major influence in their daily lives


Jordan Buhat

A real life scholar who uses his social media platform to promote health and fitness! Jordan Buhat portrays Vivek Shah; an academic scholar with a somewhat questionable side hustle, in-which he uses to his advantage to obtain what his heart desires. Vivek struggles with the notion of soaring above his parents accomplishments. He's deems his families accomplishments as minor and believe that they settled for a life that could've been more impactful. Like most teens, who don't see that their parents struggle are the building blocks of their children's success.



She's a California babe and long time actress with more than a few notches under her built! She's Ana Torress; you know that friend that is always kept under their parents radar and once they break free they come into their own genuine self ( completely wild out ) ? Ana is definitely that friend!



Portrays Nomi Segal; a real cookie cutter with a tuff exterior but intense weakness of being accepted by her tradtionaly Jewish family.  She struggles with hiding her sexuality, knowing that she is allowing the dimming of her soul. She yearns for acceptance but lives in fear that she'll be shunned if she ever gains the strength to express her truth.


Luka Sabba

He's an on and off camera master piece and model extrodinare!

Portraying the carefree, simplistic yet artistic Luka Hall who takes pride in moving to the beat of his own drums. He doesn't worrying himself with fitting in, he's very comfortable within the realms of standing out. His overall vibe is just intoxicatingly magnifying!



Broadway king , singer and songwriter. Trevor Jackson portrays Aaron Jackson, the overall good student. He's extremly avid within voicing the change he wants to establish within society for his people and culture. 


Be sure to tune into Grownish, every Wednesday @ 8pm eastern time on Freeform

( also available on hulu )