“World Peace leader and human rights Advocate” ; Happy 100th Birthday Nelson Mandela

Today we celebrate the life of a World renowned leader and overall Hero! A Man who endured a variant of treacherous obstacles, which were solely built to break people like him; but further more assisted with making his journey that more important .

Nelson Mandela: 1918-2013

Nelson Mandela served as a member of the #African national congress within the 1940s era. He orchestrated two highly publicized peace rally’s, with the sole purpose of fighting against the injustice racial gaps within Africa.

Due to South African government officials beliefs,  that categorized Nelson’s actions as unethical, he was sent to prison for over 25 years of his life and was later released in 1990.

Nelson Mandela continued his quest for change after his release and assisted with the negation of ending the apartheid. In 1994 Mandela created history by becoming the first Black president of South Africa. Nelson established a multiethnic government which assisted with national and global transitional change around the world.

He was laid to rest at the age of 95.

Today we celebrate his 100th birthday!


Rest in power King!!