What is “ Juneteenth “ ?

“Juneteenth” celebrates the legalization of the abolishment of slavery. It’s possibly the most underrated holiday within American History. Mainly due to the fact, that the surrounding details of been immensely altered. But don’t worry we have all the answers you need to separate the facts from fiction.


- Slavery originally began within the 16th century; when Spanish explorers transferring African slaves to the free World.

-The Emancipation Proclamation: An executive order forwarded by President Abraham Lincoln in January. 1st, 1863 to abolish slavery within all areas of the United States. —Originally Lincoln’s Platform was based upon keeping all Western and Northern states free of Slavery, he wasn’t interested in enforcing the abolishment of Slavery as a whole. Until his hand was forced in more than ways than one.

- June 19th, 1865 ; all remaining slaves were officially freed.

-Union Soldiers had take control of the State of Texas to enforce the emancipation.

-Texas was one of the last remaining States that was against abolishing slavery and fought for confederacy.

-Officially celebrated in 42 States and other Countries like #Ghana , #Honduras , #Japan , #Taiwan , & #Tobago 



Happy Juneteenth Everyone!!! This is our official Independence Day..🎉