Prime Minster Election of 1976 & the assassination attempt of Bob Marley

The 1976 Election Of Prime Minister Michael Manley Within #Jamaica Inflicted An Intensified Positive Change.
Manley Pushed Forward Social Reformation; Free Education Reformation (Ranging From Elementary- College) And Landownership Reformation! Manley Was For The People, By The People. With His Ever Growing Popularity, There We’re Many People Who Demised Both Him & His Efforts For Change. Reformation Negatively Effected Their Businesses & Went Against The Age Old Cuban-Style Communist Government Policies. 


In 1976 Manley Created An Alliance With Some Pretty Powerful People Within The Jamaican Labour Party. JLB were well known for using extremely forceful tactics to enforce social change. With these Changes An erupt of violence struck out within Jamaica.


#Reggae Artist; Bob Marley, Within Efforts To Bring Fourth Peace & Awareness; Established “ Smile Jamaica “ . A Benefits Concert For The People Of JA to come together as one. Marley stated on numerous occasions that he did not partake in any politics! But the general public recognized Marley as being more conjoined to Manley than anyone else.

Unfortunately both sides deemed the benefits concert as an opportunity to capitalize from. & With Marley began being categorized as being “ for the people “ , unknowing made bigger enemies in higher places 


Two Days Before “ Smile Jamaica “ was scheduled to take place an assassination attempt was made on Bob & His entire camp within his home! Bob Was shot in both his chest and arm, his manager was shot in his legs & torso. His wife and mother of four of his children Rita was shot in her head within the driveway. It has been stated that, The thickness of her locks literally saved her life. 

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