Chance The Rapper : Leader Of The New School "

Chance the Rapper: Leader of the new school.


Who Is Chance The Rapper?

Grammy award winner, independent artist, producer, activist and father. At the age of only 25 years old, Chance has accomplished so much more in his life, than people 2x his age.

Chancellor Jonathan Bennet, Born April 16th, 1963 in Chicago Illinois to parents Ken & Lisa Bennet. Both parents who have always been heavily involved within politics; his mother is the secretary to the attorney general office within Illinois & his father began working within the department of labor during Our Forever President Barack time serving as mayor of Chicago and his first term within the United States Presidency.

The Beginning.

Chance began rapping under the name Chano within junior high school and created a super group based off of instrumentality within one of his very close friends J-Emcee, and brother Taylor. He wasn’t the studios type, was in and out of trouble within school. He has often stated during his 10-day suspension from school he created one of his first pieces of work titled “10”. He decided to fully put things into prospective after hearing Kanye west debuted album college dropout and which ultimately inspired the launch of his rap career.


The Artist.

Chance is recognized as one the biggest break out artists the world has ever seen within the last 3 years. He raps, writes and produces his own music under his own label! He's a musical goldmine that every hand within the industry would love to get their thumb on but the chances of that are literally slim to none. Chance is moving and evolving on his own time, at his own speed and is literally killing the game single handedly. Within pasts interview he states he never saw himself as someone who would sell music because that would ultimately lead to limitations on what he wants to do as an overall artist.


But artist is only one of his titles. Chance the rapper is also an active voice within the black community and spoke person for black culture. He is very hands on within the advancement of education and development of rural areas within the city especially his hometown Chicago, Illinois. He has fought against the overly sky rocketing crime rate and gun violence within the Chicago area. He has designed numerous fundraisers and rallies to inflict positive change within the community and for generations to come.



All of which he conducts and constructs effortlessly while being a full time dad to an amazingly beautiful little girl Kensli Bennet!


There’s no ceiling imaginable for Chance, he has barely scratched the surface of what his god given talent can possibly do for this world! Chance serves as direct motivation to us all; if you have yet to see the change you want in the world, that is because the world is waiting for you to ignite the fire that exists within you.




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