Following your dreams is one of the craziest yet amazing act of bravery one can endure.

The fear of going after what your heart desires and worrying of what other’s may think play’s a big part. Wondering who will or won’t support the movement you are trying to create can take a toll on you. Coming to terms with “do I measure up to those that have come before me”? Differentiating your message in a way that explains who you are through your art but also speaks to others in a way in which everyone can relate.

You know what i've learned?

That none of these things matter.

Fear doesn’t matter, so don’t allow it to have an impact on anything.

Don’t make space for negativity.

Don’t place doubt into your atmosphere, at all or ever.

Breathe life into you dream, do whatever it takes to make your dream a reality.

There’s no such thing as “dreaming too big”, but there is a such thing as playing it too safe. Leave no stone unturned, go after everything you heart desires. Produce content that you can not only be proud of, but write words that vibrate through someone’s soul. Create a mark, establish a platform, understand that you are a living legacy.

Clap for yourself

Value yourself

Commit to yourself

Love yourself

Speak from your soul

Create from your soul

Be true to your soul

Hold back nothing

Go after everything

You are what the world is waiting for

Leave no stone unturned.



Tamara Jackson1 Comment