Finding comfort, within being uncomfortable..

“Fail to plan, plan to fail “.

Literally my favorite quote of all time. Fairly simplistic, but speaks to my entire soul. Ever so often I catch myself over analyzing past scenarios of what I could’ve done better or trying to pin point exactly what part I played within a situation going left. I strive for things to go perfect, which places me in a consistent battle within myself. But don't we all? Are you your worst critic? Do you obtain the habit of beating yourself up over elements of life that are completely out of your control? Literally driving yourself insane within numerous scenarios of “What if’s”?



" Consequently, when we direct our focus on an issue, we automatically miss the message being delivered. "

It’s important to come to terms with the fact, that there are situations that you will endure that no one including yourself can prepare you for. Keeping in mind, that just because you lack preparation and/or experience; doesn’t mean you’re exempt.  These situations will always arise and you must immediately act upon them, no questions asked .


" Personally, uncomfortable situations make me want to find the furthest corner within the biggest room and turn my back to the entire world.   "

Not being prepared feels like an immediate double smack to the face from my own hands, because I blame myself. I want to just run, escape, hide from anything that could potentially throw me off course. And if I could be perfectly honest, I’ve been this way since forever.



" Life is hard; unpredictable, and crazy-insane.. "

In many cases, life has the notion of punching you directly in your gut and knocking every molecule of air out of your entire body. But within each blow you endure, lies the structure of a lesson you will never forget. As humans we often remember pain. It’s difficult to forget what hurts us. We remember our scars and can easily locate our wounds. Which leads us into trying our hardest to stand clear of anything that even remotely reminds us of any similar infliction of pain. Which is fine because you are human; but understand that this is the building blocks of fear.

As long as you breathe life into fear (situations gone wrong/things that could possibly go wrong etc.) you allow negativity to live. You allow your fear to grow, and the bigger it grows the more space within your life it will obtain.

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" In this game, you only loose when you fight back “


You can't fight things that occur naturally, so don't beat yourself up over your imperfections. What's imperfect to you is beautiful to someone else. Seek value from within. No one's perfect, so we shouldn't strive to be. No matter how uncomfortable a situation can possibly be, never allow anything to steer you away from your goal or take you as a person out of your element.  You are the narrator of your own success story. Each war you endure; no matter how it may look from the outside in; you’ve already won. Due to the fact that there’s a lesson to take from each battle.

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Be Well; Sincerely Tamara..

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