Modern Society Conversation Hour Is A Bi-Weekly Vlog dedicated to REAL People, With REAL Stories, based upon REAL topics. 

Our 1st Recorded Episode; I Had The Pleasure Of Interviewing Willy Billz, Brad & DjFeelGood. We Spoke About Different Topics In Society From A Male Prospective

 on Mar 17, 2017


Round One Of Battle Of The Sexes Reyes Representing For The Guys & Jazz Representing For The Ladies! Discussing Gender Roles Within Society & Relationships. We Had The Pleasure Of Clearing Up & Justifying Stereotypes & Myths About Men & Women. 3/16

'Model Behavior", Segment Is Dedicated To The Notion Of How Woman Are Perceived Within The Industry. The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Special Guest DiamondQing

We All Have That One Guy Or Girl That We Either Hate To Death, Cant Get Over Or Remember Because They Taught Us EVERYTHING We Know. Within " Case Of My Ex" We Spoke About Relationships From The Past & Decision That Made Our Future. JOIN THE CONVERSATION

There Are Many Rules To Trade Within Girl World That Many Females Don't Know Or Don't Follow. Get Your Note Pad Ready! This Week On Girl Code We Lay EVERYTHING Straight!

Modern Society Present's " Guy Code" We Had The Pleasure Of Guest Staring Shane, Lamont & Mike, As The Revealed To The World The Rules & Regulations Of How To Move Within Guy World